The New Jersey Association of Blood Bank Professionals (NJABBP) is a nonprofit organization composed of dedicated individuals and institutions devoted to providing education and a forum for Blood Banking discussion.


Our Mission  

Advancing Transfusion Medicine

The mission of the NJABBP is to influence blood banking and transfusion medicine in New Jersey and our neighboring states to promote high quality, safe, cost effective blood transfusion practices through education and other efforts. The organization works to bring together individuals who are interested in Blood Banking to effect positive change. These individual members are interested in the scientific, medical, technical, recruitment and collection aspects of the blood banking industry and transfusion medicine.

Our Goals

The goals of the organization and its sister organizations are: to sponsor educational seminars and develop systems to promote quality blood banking, to act as a resource for the exchange of knowledge and dispersal of information, to promote an ongoing relationship among the members of the blood banking community in the state, to encourage and promote advances in the field, and to promote voluntary blood donation and recipient safety.